Can you see your path in a different light?

In order to achieve your goals you sometimes need luck. And the more focused and fruitful you are with working, the more luck you will get to make things happen. You need to create a NEW REALITY.

This is an excerpt from a work-in-progress eBook being developed by DIY

Good News

For those of you who didn’t inherit a lot of money, here is a happy discovery for you. It seems that most Billionaires are self made. But that said There’s a reason so few actually make it to billionaire status. Many elements must dovetail for the achievement of making over a billion dollars. These include but are not limited to desire, IQ, the ability to get financing, education. And bottom line, luck plays a major part in all this.

Effort Toward Your Goal

But our job is not to scare you off but to show you how becoming a billionaire can be done. As we hinted at in the beginning of this eBook, age does form a factor here in terms of sheer amount of years to put effort toward the goal.

The bottom line for starting is to create a business. This is not easy to do and could involve your entrepreneurial best. You want to give the business 5 to 7 years of your life to achieve the point where you are not too concerned with where your next amount of money comes. Starting and running a business is a big challenge, but it is also the perfect teacher for eventually becoming a billionaire

Figures of Your Readings

During the development of your first business you want to also be investing in yourself in an ongoing manner with education. This does not have to be expensive. For example, you got your hands on this eBook that is a good place to start. But don’t stop with books, continue you education in all shapes and kind. Read autobiographies and biographies of famous billionaires so that you can see where who you are and what your goals are do or do not connect to that of the figures of your readings.

Qualities of a Future Billionaire

Don’t get discourage though. Reading about others can be great because you will be able to figure out the qualities you have and have not and will therefore be able to work on the elements you are more in need of. Some qualities that are important have to do with your own motivation as we stated toward the start of this eBook. Also, you must have discipline and time management as well as a knack for sales and how to talk to people.