POV: Can You Change Your POV if You Want to?

Point of view. We all have one, right? True. But is it also accurate to say that you can’t change your point of view? Maybe. Maybe not. Pardon the play on words, but being unable or able to change your point of view, depends on, well…Your point of view.

Static or Transformational POV is a Question Worth Answering

Why? Your point of view is your own unique take on the world and people around you. It is how you process your life. It is the generator. It is what creates how you see love and fear. It is YOU. But are you helping or hindering yourself. Do you not care which one leads you? Do you have business or marketing goals that you want to be able to pursue freely, but worry that the internal negativity of your current POV cannot be changed? Therefore, are you concerned about the risk of self sabotage?

Is Point of View Important?

Of course it is. The points of views of people all over the planet has led to the greatest innovations of all time. It is because of everyone having their own special points of views, that keeps life interesting and exciting. But of course, there is a downside also. It is due to some people seeing existence in a manner that is not embracing of humanity is what leads to violence, war and the like.

Why Point of View is Important in Business

If a CEO does not have a clear, practical and visionary point of view of their company, it is going to be more difficult to make it succeed. Or if you are a business owner or thinking of starting one, whether your business succeeds or fails depends on your point of view.

Your POV and How it is Impacting Your Entrepreneurial Efforts

Do you worry that your internal negativity of your own point of view is such that it can potentially be blocking the true level of success that your company could be having? The good news is that if you worry about your point of view potentially being too negative, is in and of itself a positive sign. Why? Because it shows that you care about your current or emerging business, enough to be wanting to make a change. But if you do want to change your POV in your business or life, what can you do?

No Easy Answer

Unfortunately, there is no one method to make your point of view more helpful to you, instead of blocking your success. The first step is recognizing you have issues and are willing to put in the work to change. This is followed by a number of possibilities, including but not limited to, being around people with a positive take on life, reading self help or business and marketing books, hiring a business consultant, seeking therapy and/or a psychiatrist for counseling and or meds, take a breakthrough seminar, eat better and exercise, plus many more.