Without a doubt the biggest and best insight into how to do marketing is that before you develop the product and service you find a group in need and then make the item to help them with that need. Most people screw up and create the product first and then try to find the audience. This too difficult and the reason why lots of people pay way too much for promotional services. That said, here is the 1, 2, 3, of it:

  1. Find an audience that you can help (and that you can reach directly).
    What are they searching for but cannot find,? And why are you uniquely qualified to provide them with a solution to this problem? Also, if possible, your product should have baked into it the need for the buyer to keep coming back to you needing something they can run out of. Like food. You do not just buy food once. You need to keep going back for more. Make your product or service have an aspect to it that is like this.
  2. What do they desperately want? Why can’t they uncover a way to get it?
  3. Since in step #1 you established you have direct access to this group, the time is now to make your solution available to them, so now let when presenting your offering let them know that you have it and do so with also being certain that it is spelled out that (A) You and only you can help them (B) Let them know why only you can provide them with a solution and not others (C) Let them know that your product has something they will run out of and will need to come back to you for more.