Will we find a solution within us in the currently overloaded market?

In a Crowded Market will the Strategy of Reversing Work?

Digital freelance marketers create profitable marketing strategies for their clients. But now, to survive in these challenging times, ironically it is the marketers who need additional clients in their own pipelines to survive. Can these marketers, now that they themselves need more customers, use the same systems that they implement when working on their client’s behalf?

Sometimes it is Easier to do for Others than for Ourselves

One would think that marketers would be able to market themselves effectively, but for some this is not that easy. When we asked marketers who we knew, if they could get clients themselves the same way they do on behalf of their customers, most said “yes” but a few said “no” with an explanation. Those who thought they would have difficulties using the same promotional strategies for themselves, explained why they envision it would be challenging to have to use marketing to get more clients for themselves. First they made it clear that although doing digital marketing for their clients is a breeze for them, when faced with having to generate leads and convert them to clients is scary to them. . They said it had to do with issues of objectivity, meaning that they believed that it is a lot simpler to be objective about others, but not as easy to be so for yourself.

Kind to Others, But Not Kind to Self

We agree with the “objectivity” explanation because some of us, when we analyze ourselves, are much more critical of ourselves than we would be about shortcomings of another person. For example let’s say that someone tells us about something having to do with themselves they feel is negative. We might try to be kind and even build a case for why this individual should not feel badly about the aspect about themselves that is being discussed. But then on the other hand if we thought negatively about ourselves due to the very same thing that we told the other person not to get down on themselves about, we might criticize ourselves over and over about it, making us believe that we are not a good person.

So in an overloaded market, will the strategy of reversal work? The answer might be in how we feel about ourselves.