When someone promotes their product or service, it is not only the number of eyeballs they get to see what they offer, but it is also the relevance.

Relevance meaning the question as to whether the audience you are reaching is the right one for what you are offering? Of course, all it takes is a few individuals who suffer from the “pain or problem” that your solution can help.

Whereas even if you were to reach thousands of people, if they do not want what you offer it is all for naught. Hence the ongoing question is how to reach your perfect batch of spectators?

As has been explored in others of the 57 sites that constitute the Blog Coalition, paying for advertisements can be costly and the process used to get you to the audience you need questionable.

Think about it, when we sign up for a free email address, or a social media site, we often do not read the terms or policy in detail. Instead we tend to just check all the boxes needed to be checked to get the service we are seeking.

The problem with this is that many of us knowingly (because we did not read the fine print) are signing away many of our rights to privacy. We agree unknowingly to having our private information sold to others.

Why is your data so valuable to big brands? It is because the more they know about you and the private and professional aspects of your life, the more easily they can target you to sell you their products and services.

 Some people do not mind everything they do being tracked and filed away for their own use. Lots of people have zero issue with their age being known, who their friends and family are.

These same people do not care if where they live is known as well as their emails, phone numbers and very personal secrets. Nor does it bother them in the least that at this point your private file has literally thousands of points of detail.

The details of the info they gather also includes analyzations of the choices you make online, what websites you visit, who you communicate with through social media, what you say, what others say about you, and even tracking you via unlabeled online photos of you because they have face recognition processes.

The process of gathering all your personal information and the choice you make online is happening day after day after day. But who you are and what you want, and need is not just gathered from big corporation.

.This is because, to make matters worse, hackers quite frequently and very easily steal data from big businesses and then sell it to others, those who might not have the best ethics and will use it against you in some way so that they make money with your identity.

You may think that when this happens all you personally lose is your email address. Think again, hackers get all your information, including the most personal and private things you do online, regardless of whether you have a VPN or not.

They know your age, where you live and the names of your family and friends, plus there is the never-ending procedures to regularly get more and more data about you. If all this and more does not bother you in the least, congratulations the web is your playground.

In the end you are not a human being, but an ever-growing data file being kept for both marketing and unscrupulous outcomes. Which brings us back to our original question.

The title of this post asks if there are ways to Create Profitable Marketing that do not require you gathering very private information about your target audience? Or, vice versa, to do with you yourself as the target? We believe the answer is “yes” which is why the Blog Coalition, of which this site is one of 57, are engaged in a never ending process to “Do good.”