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“Different is You” to Strengthen the Positive Result of Your Undertaking as an ABEIFY”

Strengthening the Positive Results of Your ABEIFY Pathway

In a world increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and technological advancements, the human element in creative, business, and educational endeavors remains irreplaceably valuable. The “Different is You” principle serves as a vital reminder to those embodying the roles of Artist, Businessperson, Educator, Innovator, Facilitator, and You (ABEIFY) that their unique contributions are what truly elevate projects from being merely functional to profoundly impactful. This principle champions the notion that the individuality of ABEIFYs—their creativity, insight, and personal touch—is a critical factor in strengthening the positive results of their undertakings.

The Unreplicable Value of Human Creativity

At the heart of the “Different is You” principle lies the recognition that while AI and technology can simulate aspects of creativity, they cannot originate the depth of human emotion, the nuances of subjective experience, or the spark of inspiration that comes from lived experience. ABEIFYs, with their multifaceted roles, bring a blend of empathy, ethical considerations, and personal narratives that enrich projects with layers of meaning and connection. When ABEIFYs infuse their artistic vision into their work, they not only innovate but also create works that resonate on a deeply human level, forging a stronger emotional bond with their audience.

Leveraging Diverse Skill Sets for Unique Solutions

The diverse skill sets that ABEIFYs possess allow them to approach problems from multiple angles, offering solutions that are as inventive as they are effective. The ability to think like an artist, strategize like a businessperson, and communicate like an educator provides a holistic perspective that can address complex challenges with comprehensive strategies. This fusion of skills empowers ABEIFYs to craft unique approaches tailored to the specific needs of their projects, ensuring that the outcomes are not only successful but also reflective of their personal brand and philosophy.

The Impact of Personal Touch and Insight

The personal touch and insight of an ABEIFY can transform the trajectory of a project. By embedding personal stories, experiences, and insights into their work, ABEIFYs create a signature that distinguishes their projects in a crowded marketplace. This personalization adds depth and authenticity, qualities that are increasingly valued in today’s digital age. Moreover, the insight derived from their varied experiences enables ABEIFYs to anticipate needs, foresee trends, and deliver solutions that are both innovative and intuitively aligned with their target audience.

Creating Meaningful and Resonant Outcomes

The ultimate goal of the “Different is You” principle is to create outcomes that are meaningful, impactful, and resonant. By drawing upon their artistic, business, and educational ethos, ABEIFYs can produce work that not only achieves its intended objectives but also contributes positively to the broader community. This might mean creating art that challenges societal norms, developing business solutions that prioritize sustainability, or crafting educational materials that are inclusive and empowering. The unique perspective of each ABEIFY ensures that their projects carry a distinctive message, one that has the power to inspire, transform, and enlighten.


In embracing the “Different is You” principle, ABEIFYs acknowledge the irreplaceable value of their individual contributions to their projects. It is a recognition that, in the synergy between human creativity and technological advancement, the human element is not just a component but the cornerstone of innovation and impact. By leveraging their unique perspectives, diverse skill sets, and personal insights, ABEIFYs can strengthen the positive results of their undertakings, creating outcomes that are not only successful but also deeply meaningful and resonant with their essence. In a world that increasingly looks to AI and technology for answers, the “Different is You” serves as a powerful testament to the enduring value of the human touch.

ABEIFY has the mission to provide useful archives and solutions for you, the ABEIFY (Artist Businessperson Educator Innovator Facilitator You), and its founder believes that for the good of all it is important that “Humanity Guide AI”. Hence, he established the AI Do Good Awards that recognizes past and present AI pioneers who have made a difference in Artificial Intelligence. Also, on this page and done under human guidance, is the article which was generated by ChatGPT and the accompanying images by DALL-E, both AI technologies developed by OpenAI.

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What is a “Difference is You” strategy and why is it powerful?

“Different is You” is a powerful strategy for maximizing your potential, emphasizing the value of individuality and uniqueness in a competitive marketplace. This approach advocates leveraging your unique skills, capabilities, and offerings to carve a niche in the market and differentiate yourself from competitors.

The philosophy underscores the importance of intimately knowing your target audience and using your unique strengths to cater to specific demographics that would most benefit from your offerings. This not only involves demographic research but also requires a personalized approach of understanding who you can best assist with your specific expertise.

The creation of detailed buyer personas, informed by your unique business positioning and offerings, is a key part of the “Different is You” approach. These personas encapsulate your audience’s needs, interests, and pain points, considering how your distinctive offerings can address them.

Adopting this approach positions your business as a specialized solution provider, enhancing trust and confidence among customers and fortifying your brand reputation. However, this is not a static state; it requires constant adaptation and reflection to meet your target audience’s evolving needs as your business grows.

Despite its challenges, implementing the “Different is You” philosophy can significantly bolster your business’s positioning and brand image. It enables you to meet your customers’ needs and expectations more effectively, thus ensuring long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the “Different is You” mantra is not just about affirming uniqueness; it’s a strategic approach to success in the market. It guides the identification of your target audience, creation of buyer personas, and showcasing unique offerings, enabling you to stand out and effectively serve your customers. Therefore, embracing “Different is You” is not just an acknowledgment of unique capabilities, but a way to maximize their potential in business.

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Be Unique, Be Successful: Different is You

The notion that “Different is You” is a powerful reminder that your uniqueness is your competitive advantage. In a crowded marketplace, it is crucial to tap into what sets you apart from others and infuse it into your business. Embrace the idea that there is no one else like you in the world, and that is what makes your business special.

Even if you initially feel like your business idea is not unique, challenge yourself to dig deeper. Reflect on your experiences, perspectives, and reactions to situations. Explore how you bring your own unique flavor to everything you do. By recognizing your individuality, you can uncover aspects of yourself that can be woven into your online business.

Authenticity is key when it comes to differentiation. By staying true to yourself, you attract customers who resonate with your values and offerings. Embrace your quirks, passions, and beliefs. Showcasing your authentic self in your business creates a genuine connection with your target audience.

Paragraph 4:

Differentiation goes beyond superficial characteristics or features. It is about showcasing the essence of who you are and what you bring to the table. Think about the ways in which your experiences and perspectives shape your approach to solving problems or meeting customer needs. Highlighting these unique insights can set you apart from competitors.

Remember that your personal brand and your business are intrinsically linked. Your authenticity and uniqueness should permeate every aspect of your business, from your brand messaging to your products or services. Consistency in portraying your authentic self will help build trust and loyalty among your customers.

Differentiation not only helps you stand out but also cultivates long-term success. When your business is built around your unique qualities, it becomes difficult for competitors to replicate or imitate. This distinctiveness creates a barrier to entry and fosters customer loyalty.

Embrace the idea that being different is a strength, not a weakness. Celebrate what makes you unique and use it as a foundation for innovation and creativity. Your ability to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your business can lead to breakthroughs and give you a competitive edge.

Challenge conventional thinking and question established norms. Use your uniqueness to challenge the status quo and offer alternative solutions to problems. By daring to be different, you can disrupt industries and create new opportunities for growth.

Recognize that being unique also means being willing to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. Embrace the opportunity to experiment, pivot, and adapt your business as you discover new aspects of yourself and your audience’s needs.

In conclusion, embracing your uniqueness is the key to standing out and achieving success in a crowded marketplace. Remember that “Different is You” and use your individuality to differentiate your business. Embrace authenticity, celebrate your distinct qualities, and infuse your personal brand into every aspect of your online business. By being true to yourself, you will attract customers who resonate with your values and offerings, fostering long-term loyalty and success.

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AI Meets “Different is You”

There is no denying different is YOU!

So let’s clear the stage for a revolutionizing idea that’s as unique as your fingerprints, as distinctive as your personality quirks: Different is You. Different is also the “Ask AI Guy.” And here is a blog post of the Ask AI Guy revealing his latest AI installment.

This phrase is not just a fun wordplay, it’s a bold truth that needs to be widely acknowledged and understood. Like the multifarious facets of a kaleidoscope, you bring to the world a combination of perspectives, talents, and experiences that can’t be replicated by another person, not even by your hypothetical long-lost twin.

Even if your doppelgänger comes knocking at your door one day with a DNA test in hand, remember, shared genetics don’t equate to shared experiences. You are an individual, as unique as the stars in the cosmos. You are the story of your own triumphs and trials, of laughter and tears, hopes and disappointments, dreams and fears. No one else can take your place on this beautiful stage we call life.

So the time is now to believe in yourself like you never have before. Believe. Do worry that you need a team but cannot afford it? Did you know that if you need certain things be done for you that even if hiring a bunch of people is not in the cards, you can always Delegate to AI.

Our unceasing fascination with uniqueness drives our admiration for the “Ask AI Guy” who, with his exceptional thinking cap, has taken AI technology to unprecedented heights. His ground-breaking work in developing a multi-faceted AI marketing and business company is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His mission? Making creativity and business more accessible and affordable for everyone.

This mission resonates deeply with us fans of Delegate to AI. We believe in the power of AI to empower individuals and small businesses by providing them with the tools they need to flourish without burning a hole in their pockets. After all, isn’t technology supposed to be a great equalizer, helping us to bridge the gap between dreams and reality?

One group that perfectly exemplifies this philosophy is DigiComArts. For over a decade, they have been a beacon of inspiration, proving that dedication, passion, and innovation are the key ingredients in the recipe for success. Their work continues to leave a lasting impact on the landscape of digital art and communication.

Just imagine, then, the mind-blowing results of these three powerhouses working together. This union is like a supernova waiting to explode, capable of revolutionizing the way we perceive and utilize technology. The future is not just bright; it’s a fireworks display of innovation, creativity, and empowerment.

So, what’s the takeaway? Different is you, and that difference can be the game-changer in a world that’s constantly in flux. Your uniqueness is your superpower, your secret weapon in the fight for your dreams. It’s the color you bring to the world’s monochrome canvas.

In this glorious age of AI, let us not forget the human element, the differences that make us unique. We should embrace these differences and see them as opportunities rather than barriers. They are what set us apart, what make us interesting, what make us, well, us.

Your individuality, the “Different is You,” can synergize with the magnificent potential of AI, creating a fusion of human uniqueness and technological prowess that’s set to turn the world on its head. It’s an exciting time, and we’re privileged to be a part of it.

Remember, being different is not about being better or worse than anyone else, but about celebrating the wonderful, complex, and beautiful creature that you are. So, here’s to you, to your uniqueness, to the world-changing power of “Different is You.” It’s time to embrace the difference, to seize the day, and to make the world your own.

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Being Different in Business Means Listening to the “Ask AI Guy” – Got a Question?

AI Can Help Your Biz with Tips from “Ask AI Guy”

In today’s world, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into business operations has become a necessity. The vast potential of AI can help companies grow exponentially, stay ahead of the competition, and drive innovation. However, the challenge lies in making your business stand out among the rest. To achieve this, it is crucial to follow the right steps and approach. One of the big innovators of this is the part human and part AI “Ask AI Guy.”

To help you out, we’ve consulted the “Ask AI Guy” to provide you with the ten steps to achieve making it into the category of “AI to Top.” And to accomplish getting to that level, as the “Ask AI Guy” knows, sometimes requires the use of graphics and other forms of DigiComArts.

Define your goals: Before you start implementing AI, it’s essential to define your business’s goals. You must identify the specific areas where you want to use AI, whether it’s improving customer service, increasing productivity, or optimizing business operations. Once you have a clear vision of your goals, you can create a strategy that aligns with them.

Identify the right AI tools: There are numerous AI tools available in the market. You must choose the ones that align with your business goals and requirements. The right tools can help you achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.

And especially if you are a Company in Need, it is very possible to find tools for AI that are low or no cost. You just have to put time into locating them through search engines and other means.

Train your team: AI is not a one-person job. It requires a team effort to implement and maintain. Therefore, it’s crucial to train your employees in AI tools, technologies, and methodologies. This can help them leverage AI to drive business growth and innovation.

Build a strong data foundation: AI relies heavily on data. Therefore, it’s essential to have a robust data foundation in place. You must ensure that the data you collect is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. This can help you make informed decisions and improve business operations.

Use AI for predictive analytics: One of the most significant benefits of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and provide insights. You can use AI for predictive analytics to forecast trends, identify opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

Automate mundane tasks: AI can help you automate mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up your employees’ time to focus on more important and value-adding activities. This can help you improve productivity and efficiency.

Optimize customer experiences: AI can help you enhance customer experiences by personalizing interactions, providing recommendations, and resolving issues proactively. This can help you build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. And if you do so, you are more likely to get referrals, something that DigiRefer has made into a science of sorts.

Embrace innovation: AI is a rapidly evolving technology, and it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements. You must be open to exploring new ideas and experimenting with different approaches to stay ahead of the competition.

Collaborate with other businesses: Collaboration can help you leverage the strengths of other businesses and create new opportunities. You can collaborate with other businesses to share resources, knowledge, and expertise in AI.

Monitor and evaluate results: Finally, it’s essential to monitor and evaluate the results of your AI implementation continuously. This can help you identify areas that need improvement and refine your strategy accordingly. You must track key performance indicators and use them to measure the success of your AI initiatives.

In conclusion, incorporating AI into your business operations can help you achieve significant growth and success. However, to stand out in the crowded market, you must follow the right approach and strategy. By following the ten steps provided by the “Ask AI Guy,” you can make it into the category of “AI to Top.” Define your goals, identify the right tools, train your team, build a strong data foundation, use AI for predictive analytics, automate mundane tasks, optimize customer experiences, embrace innovation, collaborate with other businesses, and monitor and evaluate results. With these steps, you can harness the full potential of AI and take your business to the next level.

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Can Marketing be Done without an Invasion of Privacy?

When someone promotes their product or service, it is not only the number of eyeballs they get to see what they offer, but it is also the relevance.

Relevance meaning the question as to whether the audience you are reaching is the right one for what you are offering? Of course, all it takes is a few individuals who suffer from the “pain or problem” that your solution can help.

Whereas even if you were to reach thousands of people, if they do not want what you offer it is all for naught. Hence the ongoing question is how to reach your perfect batch of spectators?

As has been explored in others of the 57 sites that constitute the Blog Coalition, paying for advertisements can be costly and the process used to get you to the audience you need questionable.

Think about it, when we sign up for a free email address, or a social media site, we often do not read the terms or policy in detail. Instead we tend to just check all the boxes needed to be checked to get the service we are seeking.

The problem with this is that many of us knowingly (because we did not read the fine print) are signing away many of our rights to privacy. We agree unknowingly to having our private information sold to others.

Why is your data so valuable to big brands? It is because the more they know about you and the private and professional aspects of your life, the more easily they can target you to sell you their products and services.

 Some people do not mind everything they do being tracked and filed away for their own use. Lots of people have zero issue with their age being known, who their friends and family are.

These same people do not care if where they live is known as well as their emails, phone numbers and very personal secrets. Nor does it bother them in the least that at this point your private file has literally thousands of points of detail.

The details of the info they gather also includes analyzations of the choices you make online, what websites you visit, who you communicate with through social media, what you say, what others say about you, and even tracking you via unlabeled online photos of you because they have face recognition processes.

The process of gathering all your personal information and the choice you make online is happening day after day after day. But who you are and what you want, and need is not just gathered from big corporation.

.This is because, to make matters worse, hackers quite frequently and very easily steal data from big businesses and then sell it to others, those who might not have the best ethics and will use it against you in some way so that they make money with your identity.

You may think that when this happens all you personally lose is your email address. Think again, hackers get all your information, including the most personal and private things you do online, regardless of whether you have a VPN or not.

They know your age, where you live and the names of your family and friends, plus there is the never-ending procedures to regularly get more and more data about you. If all this and more does not bother you in the least, congratulations the web is your playground.

In the end you are not a human being, but an ever-growing data file being kept for both marketing and unscrupulous outcomes. Which brings us back to our original question.

The title of this post asks if there are ways to Create Profitable Marketing that do not require you gathering very private information about your target audience? Or, vice versa, to do with you yourself as the target? We believe the answer is “yes” which is why the Blog Coalition, of which this site is one of 57, are engaged in a never ending process to “Do good.”


The mission of “Method How” is to give you a “Method How” to get your business back on track to achieve your American dream.

Initially Business Help will Be for Businesses Most in Need Only

The plan at this stage is to see if there is need or interest for short business strategies, as well as whether or not they are ultimately useful. To determine the answers to these questions, we will focus on businesses in need first, with strategies provided to them at no cost.

“Method How” Does Not Yet Exist

“Method How” is a new concept in development that currently does not exist. Though, depending on when you read this, it might be and running. The mission of “Method How” is to give you a “Method How” to get your business back on track to achieve your American dream.

If You are a Business in Need and are Interested in a No Cost Work-in-Progress Solution…

The “Method How” to create profitable marketing is to focus on the use of every aspect of your current promotional strategy. Rewrite steps as needed to become useful to you. Useful from the standpoint of your entire method, step-by-step, becomes an ongoing approach for you to get business success results.

Get What You Want Faster

The benefits and idea is simple of the “Method How” short business strategies is very simple. A short strategy takes less time to implement than a full length one, so when you use “Business Success Strategies” (as they are currently called) all you need to do is to follow the steps properly.

Faster Profitability

The steps themselves are fast and easy, so chances are that you will get things to move much more quickly than the usual several times slower approach. Using a short strategy could mean a speedier result which in turn could lead to faster profitability.


What is Profitable Marketing and What is the True Secret of How to Create It?

Without a doubt the biggest and best insight into how to do marketing is that before you develop the product and service you find a group in need and then make the item to help them with that need. Most people screw up and create the product first and then try to find the audience. This too difficult and the reason why lots of people pay way too much for promotional services. That said, here is the 1, 2, 3, of it:

  1. Find an audience that you can help (and that you can reach directly).
    What are they searching for but cannot find,? And why are you uniquely qualified to provide them with a solution to this problem? Also, if possible, your product should have baked into it the need for the buyer to keep coming back to you needing something they can run out of. Like food. You do not just buy food once. You need to keep going back for more. Make your product or service have an aspect to it that is like this.
  2. What do they desperately want? Why can’t they uncover a way to get it?
  3. Since in step #1 you established you have direct access to this group, the time is now to make your solution available to them, so now let when presenting your offering let them know that you have it and do so with also being certain that it is spelled out that (A) You and only you can help them (B) Let them know why only you can provide them with a solution and not others (C) Let them know that your product has something they will run out of and will need to come back to you for more.
Point of View Why?

Why Point of View Can Help or Hinder Your Business and Marketing Efforts

POV: Can You Change Your POV if You Want to?

Point of view. We all have one, right? True. But is it also accurate to say that you can’t change your point of view? Maybe. Maybe not. Pardon the play on words, but being unable or able to change your point of view, depends on, well…Your point of view.

Static or Transformational POV is a Question Worth Answering

Why? Your point of view is your own unique take on the world and people around you. It is how you process your life. It is the generator. It is what creates how you see love and fear. It is YOU. But are you helping or hindering yourself. Do you not care which one leads you? Do you have business or marketing goals that you want to be able to pursue freely, but worry that the internal negativity of your current POV cannot be changed? Therefore, are you concerned about the risk of self sabotage?

Is Point of View Important?

Of course it is. The points of views of people all over the planet has led to the greatest innovations of all time. It is because of everyone having their own special points of views, that keeps life interesting and exciting. But of course, there is a downside also. It is due to some people seeing existence in a manner that is not embracing of humanity is what leads to violence, war and the like.

Why Point of View is Important in Business

If a CEO does not have a clear, practical and visionary point of view of their company, it is going to be more difficult to make it succeed. Or if you are a business owner or thinking of starting one, whether your business succeeds or fails depends on your point of view.

Your POV and How it is Impacting Your Entrepreneurial Efforts

Do you worry that your internal negativity of your own point of view is such that it can potentially be blocking the true level of success that your company could be having? The good news is that if you worry about your point of view potentially being too negative, is in and of itself a positive sign. Why? Because it shows that you care about your current or emerging business, enough to be wanting to make a change. But if you do want to change your POV in your business or life, what can you do?

No Easy Answer

Unfortunately, there is no one method to make your point of view more helpful to you, instead of blocking your success. The first step is recognizing you have issues and are willing to put in the work to change. This is followed by a number of possibilities, including but not limited to, being around people with a positive take on life, reading self help or business and marketing books, hiring a business consultant, seeking therapy and/or a psychiatrist for counseling and or meds, take a breakthrough seminar, eat better and exercise, plus many more.


Will we find a solution within us in the currently overloaded market?

In a Crowded Market will the Strategy of Reversing Work?

Digital freelance marketers create profitable marketing strategies for their clients. But now, to survive in these challenging times, ironically it is the marketers who need additional clients in their own pipelines to survive. Can these marketers, now that they themselves need more customers, use the same systems that they implement when working on their client’s behalf?

Sometimes it is Easier to do for Others than for Ourselves

One would think that marketers would be able to market themselves effectively, but for some this is not that easy. When we asked marketers who we knew, if they could get clients themselves the same way they do on behalf of their customers, most said “yes” but a few said “no” with an explanation. Those who thought they would have difficulties using the same promotional strategies for themselves, explained why they envision it would be challenging to have to use marketing to get more clients for themselves. First they made it clear that although doing digital marketing for their clients is a breeze for them, when faced with having to generate leads and convert them to clients is scary to them. . They said it had to do with issues of objectivity, meaning that they believed that it is a lot simpler to be objective about others, but not as easy to be so for yourself.

Kind to Others, But Not Kind to Self

We agree with the “objectivity” explanation because some of us, when we analyze ourselves, are much more critical of ourselves than we would be about shortcomings of another person. For example let’s say that someone tells us about something having to do with themselves they feel is negative. We might try to be kind and even build a case for why this individual should not feel badly about the aspect about themselves that is being discussed. But then on the other hand if we thought negatively about ourselves due to the very same thing that we told the other person not to get down on themselves about, we might criticize ourselves over and over about it, making us believe that we are not a good person.

So in an overloaded market, will the strategy of reversal work? The answer might be in how we feel about ourselves.